Thursday, March 24, 2016

Additional U-Haul Tragedies: Part One

Through no fault of U-Haul and it's family, businesses, and subsidies (the majority of the time), the U-Haul products and services have been used to hide crimes, cover up murders, move stolen goods and various victims to other locations, and one was set up as (what they hoped would be) a permanent and jimmy-rigged refrigerated storage unit for an unlucky--and un-living--individual (gotta keep the body hidden and the smell hidden even better).

Of course, there's the U-Haul Murders (us) in Reno, Nevada, 1994. Duc Cong Huynh and Alvaro Calambro killed two innocents: Peggy Crawford and Keith Christopher-and then went on a crime spree that included robberies, hostages, and high speed car chases--even a major California earthquake. Things don't get much worse than this particular case.

This one helpful guy, Joshua Luck, was rewarded after helping his neighbor load his moving trailer with a free trip to California. Unfortunately, his luck ran out when Andres Serrato coldly murdered him, then stashed him in the trailer as he made his move.

Stay tuned for part two-and no worries, sadly, there are no shortages of U-Haul stories...