Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ethan and Joel Coen Live Here. Or yeah.

If a crimewave raised Arizona and crossed Fargo, you might say to yourself, "Oh brother," and wonder where thou art. Or you might be caught up in the U-Haul Murders where everything is unbelievable yet absolutely completely true and dark humor lurks in the worst of places. Watch out, even Judge Mills Lane couldn't make this shit up. 

This is THE script written for the legendary Coen Brothers. Can you hear me now Ethan and Joel? Hit me up. 

More than two decades of ironic coincidences, interviews, researching, writing, crying, wishing, hoping, dreaming, and going back and forth on how this should be published and in what format would have you believe the story is and has been over for a long time. But, alas, no. It grows and changes... yet stays the same: weird. 

What doesn't make it into the book or the script, I'll share here now and then during freewriting sessions.